Baseball and Volleyball Tryouts


Emily Smith, Sports Editor

Hamilton has many different spring sports. They are Track, Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Unified Sports, and Boy’s Volleyball. However, the past years or two, the teams to make it to the playoffs are our Baseball and Boy’s Volleyball teams. All of the teams work very hard to do their best, but these two teams go above and beyond.

Jake Desiderio, a Senior on the Varsity Baseball team, says that, “We are all working our butts off to make it to playoffs again this year. We’re ready for the season, and all of the people who work their hardest and try their best should have a spot on the team. Out of the 35 guys trying for Varsity, only about 22 will make it, but even then, their will always be spots for you. The hardest part is making it to the end, when they decide who makes the team, and who is cut,”. The team didn’t make it to state last year, but won the championships the year before, and are ready and raring to go for another shot at a title.

“I’m really looking forward to hanging out with the team this year,” says Carlos Fernandez, a Sophomore in Boy’s Volleyball, “The hardest part so far has to be the conditioning. I work hard, but that stuff is hard. There is a lot of competition to make the team this year. We won state last year, so all the guys not in a sport and looking to join one are coming to volleyball. I worked really hard and practised often, so I should make the team,”. The competition is always fiercest with one’s team, they want your position, so you need to fight for it.

All of the teams work very hard to get ready for their season, and all teams should make it to the state championship this year. All it takes is hard work, and refusing to give up. So get ready Husky Nation, these teams are going to give it their all.