Tennis Tryouts

Melody Maluski, General Staff

Tennis tryouts are soon, and the players are nervous and excited that the season is starting again. The competition among those going for varsity is high; players are practicing hard and doing what they can to be prepared for tryouts and try to make the team.

Anamika Deokar (12) says, “This season I’m looking forward to hopefully the state championship and having fun because it’s my last year. About tryouts, they’re not very hard, it’s just a wake up call. There are a lot of good players this year. There is always competition because people are always improving. I think we’ll be good against the other teams because we’ve been practicing.”

We haven’t won state yet, so hopefully this will be Hamilton’s year. Although, we have been in the top ten multiple years. Both girls and boys are pushing themselves to be their best and be ready against the other teams.

Freddie Wentling (10) says, “I’m looking forward to the competition with the other teams. The teams we’ve had a lot of competition within the past are really good this year. The hardest part of tryouts is playing every single varsity player, and there will be a lot of people competing to be on varsity.”
Hopefully Freddie and Anamika will make the team and we will win state this year!