Hamilton High School Girls Tennis Spring Season

Hamilton High School Girls Tennis Spring Season

Sophie Macko

Hamilton’s tennis teams are back once again for their last season of the year! The girls teams each include a JV and Varsity team consisting of eight players on Varsity team, ten players on the JV A team and thirteen on the JV B team.

These players have worked hard both in and out of school throughout the entire year to uphold their positions on the team. “We have had open tennis and weight training once a week leading up to the season to prepare ourselves for the grind of the regular season,” said Coach Sweet of the girls tennis teams, “The girls are strong mentally and physically.” Although, these events provided to the players by the school are not the only sources of after school tennis that they participate in. Many play every opportunity they have after school to continue to broaden and build their experience. The goals that the team have for this year, as Coach Sweet explains, are “to do better than last year and I am very confident they can do so. They have worked hard and are more than prepared. Last year we finished #7 in state . . . and lost in the quarterfinals. So the goal is to be better in each of those areas. Top 6 in state, fewer loses and get to the semi-finals.”

From all of this work comes a great output in the team’s ability to perform in matches for they have have won most of their matches against opposing schools. “I feel prepared,” said Emma Skaggs (9), “but there is always room for improvement.” To continue to improve stay prepared, the tennis teams condition everyday. There is also great confidence that the Varsity team will achieve these goals from Coach Sweet himself and fellow team members. “This is a great year for Hamilton Tennis. The team is very competitive and eager to achieve as much as they can together. As a group, we are wise and very experienced. Fun group to practice with, even more fun to watch them compete as a team on match days.” Natalie Kosednar (9) said “yes [to Varsity reaching their goals] because Coach puts a lot of effort into the Varsity team.”

Good luck to these players as they fight their way to the top!