The Paw Print



2018-2019 Staff

Nicholas Martinez

general staff

Nicholas Martinez is 16 and starting his junior year at Hamilton High, as well as his first year of journalism. He has deep passions for writing, reading, photography, and music. He is excited to be a part of the community and ...

Sonam Jain


Sonam Jain is currently a senior at Hamilton High School, and is taking journalism for the second time. She has been dancing since she was 3 years old, and singing since she was 7. Additionally, she plays tennis and volleyball...

Isabella Klemeneic

General Staff

Isabella is a junior, in her first year of journalism at Hamilton High School. She enjoys socializing with the students at school, being updated on the most recent events, including sports! On her free time, she enjoys spending ...

Payton Smith

Marketing Editor

Payton is 14 years old and a freshman at Hamilton. She loves to draw, write, and play softball. She is very excited to share her stories with others and meet new people in the process. She loves to socialize and hang with frie...

Miranda Rothchild

Managing Editor

Miranda is in her fourth year of highschool and enjoys writing on her free time, as well as playing soccer, and working at a pre school. She has been playing soccer for 14 years. She can be found at Dutch Bros any day or at the...

Emma Lavoie

General Staff

Emma Lavoie is currently a sophomore at Hamilton High School, this is her first year in journalism. She is ecstatic to be joining the team this year and can’t wait to bloom into a brilliant journalist. Some of her favorite hobbies in...

Max Pulido

General Staff

Maximiliano Pulido, Max for short, is a sophomore at Hamilton and is experiencing journalism for the first time in his academic career. Max is the youngest son of his mother and father. Max is anxious about finding a new inspiration...

Marlene Alvarado

Marketing Editor

Marlene is 3rd year returning student for Hamilton's Paw Print. She is currently a senior and is excited to get back to work. She enjoys hanging out with friends and family during her spare time. Marlene also loves helping othe...

Edward Quintana

General Staff

Edward is a Senior in his first year of Journalism at Hamilton High School. He enjoys writing, filming, photography and spending all the money he doesn't have. When he’s not hating his life while working his shift at Subway, he...

Chloe Dickinson

General Staff

Chloe Dickinson is beginning her senior year and first year of Journalism at Hamilton High School. She has been dancing for 7 years, has loved photography and writing her whole life and is a Disney fanatic that loves all things ...

Lauren Craig

Managing Editor

Lauren is in her sophomore year and is excited to be in Journalism for her second year. She loves to read and spend time on twitter. Lauren also enjoys going to the gym at most twice a year. She’s not that cool and kind of a ner...

Kyle Coffee

Sports Editor

Kyle is entering his senior year and fourth year of journalism. He is a huge fan of the Chicago Cubs, Arizona Cardinals, and the Phoenix Suns. He can’t wait to learn more about newspaper this year and use his veteran experi...

Adison Johnson

General Staff

Adison Johnson is currently a junior at Hamilton High School. This is her first year of Journalism and looks forward to see where it will take her. She is a varsity cheerleader, and has been cheering for 10 years. Adison loves spen...

Katherine Soltero

General Staff

Katherine Soltero is a sophomore at Hamilton High School, loves to write. This is her first year in journalism and is happy to be here! She enjoys going out with friends, traveling, and going to the beach. She is outgoing, adv...

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