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2017-2018 Staff

Cora Baron

Staff Reporter

Cora Baron is a junior at Hamilton High School who enjoys writing in her free time. She enjoys spending time outside, taking photos, reading, and trying new foods. This is her first semester as a staff writer, and she looks f...

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Cassie Knochel

Photo Editor

Cassie Knochel is a Junior at Hamilton High School, taking journalism for the first time this year. She’s been a cheerleader since 4th grade and is currently cheering at USA Starz. She also did soccer and gymnastics when she ...

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Reese Jay

Staff Reporter

Reese Jay is beginning his junior year at Hamilton High School and taking his first year of journalism. He enjoys spending time by himself while working to ensure perfection is obtained with a project or assignment. Reese enjoys spe...

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Joshawn Patterson

Staff Reporter

Joshawn is a senior at Hamilton who enjoys to film, edit, and write . He joined journalism to receive knowledge for his future career. In his free time you’ll find him hanging out with friends, playing basketball, and enjoyin...

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Angel Chavez

Staff Reporter

Angel Chavez is a Junior at Hamilton High School and is taking Journalism for the first time. He played soccer his freshman year and is currently learning how to play piano. He hopes that he can learn the techniques of journal...

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Ziasia Quetel

Staff Reporter

Ziasia Quetel is a junior at Hamilton. This is her first year in Journalism and is very enthusiastic about it. On her free time she enjoys writing realistic fiction and plans on moving towards a bright future in the path of jo...

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Adriana Urena

Staff Reporter

Adriana is a senior this year and is taking journalism for the first time. Adriana likes taking photos of breathtaking views,reading interesting books, and hanging out with friends. Adriana has had a wild ride through the hig...

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Alina Husain

Staff Reporter

Coming into her freshman year and first year of journalism, Alina is excited to meet new people and learn new things at Hamilton. She enjoys writing, reading, and spends her free time listening to music or watching Netflix. S...

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Hannah Ferraro

Photo Editor

Hannah Ferraro is a freshman and is beyond excited to share her stories. This is Hannah’s first year in journalism and is ready to get started. Hannah was happy to be in this class because of her older brother Collin’s pr...

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Breanna Zarate

Staff Reporter

Breanna Zarate is a junior at Hamilton High and is in her first year of journalism. She is 16 years old and hopes to practice medicine in the future. She loves to read and write, and her favorite book is The Glass Castle. Brean...

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Carly Osorio

Staff Reporter

Carly Osorio is beginning her senior year and taking her first year of journalism at Hamilton High School. She enjoys socializing with her peers as well as new people to gain new experiences and knowledge. Carly enjoys making ...

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Zach Scheel

Staff Reporter

Zach is a senior that is new to Hamilton this year. He enjoys to go to new places, and you will probably find him at Dutch Bros most of the time. Zach enjoys to hang out with friends and do things he has never done before. He us...

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Victoria Blanco

Managing Editor

Victoria is a 16-year-old junior at Hamilton high school. She often spends her free time with friends and her boyfriend. She loves shopping, schnacks, and taking naps. She is a loud, funny, and sweet girl. She will definitely...

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Sudhakar Madhineni

Staff Reporter

Sudhakar Madhineni is a junior at Hamilton and it is currently his first year of journalism. He enjoys reading and writing. He is excited and intrigued by what he will learn in journalism and in 11th grade in general....

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Dez Wills

Staff Reporter

Dez Wills is entering her freshman year and can’t wait to start her first year of journalism. She loves to read fictional stories that fuels her imaginations and can be very shy around new people. Dez joined newspaper because of...

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Sophie Macko

Staff Reporter

Sophie Macko is fourteen years old and going into Hamilton High School a freshman. She loves the Harry Potter series, tennis, and writing and is excited to continue that passion by going into her second year of journalism! She ...

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Sonam Jain

Staff Reporter

Sonam Jain is currently a junior at Hamilton High School and is taking journalism for the first time. She has been dancing since she was 3 years old, and singing since she was 7. Additionally, she plays tennis and volleyball out...

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Samantha Yates

Staff Reporter

Samantha Yates is a freshman. This is her first year in journalism. She has a guinea pig named Apollo and has a twin sister.

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Taylor Smith


Taylor is a junior at Hamilton and in her second year of journalism with the Pawprint. She loves to write, read, socialize, and dance. She is super excited to be more involved with newspaper and writing articles this school ye...

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Miranda Rothchild

Staff Reporter

Miranda is in her third year of highschool and enjoys writing on her free time, as well as playing soccer. She has been playing soccer for 13 years and also plays for the school team. She can be found at Dutch Bros any day or ...

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Marlene Alvarado

Staff Reporter

Marlene is a second year returning student for Hamilton's Paw Print. She is currently a junior and is excited to get back to work. Marlene enjoys hanging out with friends and family during her spare time. She loves meeting new peo...

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Jaelin Diaz

Staff Reporter

Jaelin Diaz is a sophomore at Hamilton High School and is entering his first year of journalism. He has been playing soccer for 6 years and played for Hamilton soccer team last year. He is ready to begin writing stories for th...

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Lauren Craig

Managing Editor

Lauren is in her freshmen year and is excited to begin with journalism. She loves to read and write short stories. Lauren also enjoys going to see musicals and plays. She can’t wait to see what happens in the year to come....

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Jason Nguyen

Staff Reporter

Jason Nguyen is a senior this year at Hamilton. In his free time he likes to draw, read, or play video games. His favorite sport is basketball and he decided to join journalism because he likes to write stories. He is alo a big...

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Kyle Coffee


Kyle is entering his junior year and third year of journalism. He hopes to use his past experience in this class to help newcomers with whatever they need. Kyle is excited to learn how to lead a newspaper as the editor-in-chie...

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