TikTok Puts Screen Time Limit into Place


Cole Blubaum

One of the fastest growing social media platforms of the 21st Century is that of TikTok. Originally a just as popular platform titled Musically, TikTok is a Chinese founded video oriented app that has swiftly become known everywhere. Many issues arose at the peak of the software, primarily from parents. Three of the major complaints pertain to excessive data collection, a worry that spies are utilizing the app, and the typical brain-washing argument. 

As a result of many of these complaints, TikTok is set to testify in front of congress in the upcoming few weeks. One of the advancements towards a safer future on the app was just put in place today, 1 March 2023. TikTok will implement a 60-minute screen time limit for users with accounts under the age of 18. To opt out of this limit, a passcode granting entry back into the app is on hand. The goal of this feature is to assist users in monitoring their time spent on the app. Praise is being received from parents as they now have the option to choose how long their child spends on the app. On the other hand, many comments are being made that this feature is just another useless excuse to keep the so-called toxic app running.