Ring Doorbell Develops Anticipated Feature


Cole Blubaum

At the rise of modern technology, everyday items such as cars and even doorbells are being technologically advanced. One of the major inventions is that of the Ring Doorbell. Originally launched in 2014, the video doorbell has almost become a common thing for households to have. Allowing owners to view who visits their door is a security tool that many value. The doorbell has a starting price of $99.99, but can enumerate up to $500 varying on the features included.

One of the major complaints surrounds the doorbell’s previous field of vision. Its new bird’s eye view gives users the ability to see everything in its radius, particularly the packages being delivered. Another advancement being made is the Ring Protect subscription, which adds a cloud of storage of recorded video, notifications, and package delivery alerts. This subscription service goes for $3.99 a month or can also be purchased for $39.99 a year.