NFL Sunday Ticket presale begins via Youtube


Cole Blubaum

One of the most prominent activities in the United States is watching football on Sunday. For the past 28 years, DirecTV has been the holder of the NFL Sunday Ticket, famous for granting access to all things football (on Sunday’s of course). Starting this year, the almost three decade long streak will come to an end for DirecTV as YouTube has acquired streaming rights as of December 2022. 

DirecTV’s average price for the notable package cost approximately $293.94 per season. A surprising decrease in price, YouTube formed a starting presale price of $289 for non-YouTube TV subscribers. For subscribers, the season bundle will round out to a cost of $249.The NFL RedZone service will also be sold during presale at the same prices as the average bundle ($289).  

On June 6, the presale comes to a close and prices will increase by $100. It is anticipated that it will be a successful season for YouTube and the NFL. The season is anticipated to start on September 8, 2023.