First Generation iPhone auctions off for $63,000


Cole Blubaum

One of the largest empires of the 21st century has been that of Apple, primarily surrounding its iPhone. The first iPhone was put on the market in June of 2007, and it has only been up from there. It enumerated an original selling price of $599. By 2009, iPhones were shelved in all major markets. Apple has evolved the commercial success into now 14 models, following the release of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. While it is presumed that an original model would be highly sought after, it is shocking to hear how much one went for at a recent auction.

On 19th Feb, 2023, LCG hosted a virtual auction. The First Generation iPhone had begun bidding earlier this month at $2,500. In total, there were 27 bids on the item. 10 of those bidders vied for the iPhone and fought until it eventually reached an astronomical price. The final bid summed up to $63,000. It is unknown who the new owner is but it was stated by Mark Montero, founder of LCG Auctions, that it will soon be in the hands of “an individual from the U.S.”