Snapchat releases ChatGPT-powered AI feature


Cole Blubaum

At the rise of a new era of technology, the breakthrough of AI remains one of the biggest innovative moves made. One of the most common AI sources is ChatGPT. This resource is remarkable for its ability to instantly respond to questions or comments from  users, providing things such as essays, advice, and song lyrics. Receiving high levels of praise as well as hate, it is undeniable that this creation is incredible.

Snapchat is notorious for its ranking as one the most used social media apps on the internet. Its collaboration with ChatGPT began earlier this year only being available to paying Snapchat+ users. On April 20, 2023, it was released to all users and it has been quite the launch so far. Snapchats correlation with BitMoji carried over to this extension as well, allowing users to customize their AI.