Social Media is the New Hub for Shopping Scams


Cole Blubaum

At the rise of social media, there comes a high risk for many issues. One of the most prominent issues seen in society is online scams. Over the past 20-30 years, online shopping has almost become the new norm. Security in these reliable franchises has grown, but third3rd party sellers produce new challenges everyday.

Some of the most popular apps where scams occur are Instagram and TikTok. This is primarily due to the fact that the majority of the underbase is made up of young adults. This leads to naive minds making non viable choices with their money. An example stems from early November 2022. Multiple people saw an ad for a 36 count set of shoe-organizing boxes on TikTok and made the exclusive $45 purchase. When a singular plastic bag showed up on customers’ doorsteps, an outrage occurred. A plethora of videos enumerated nearly 32 million TikTok views. The seller has since been banned from scamming their products and TikTok is taking measures to ensure advertised products are verified and feasible.