AFC Divisional Weekend


Adam Worthy

This weekend was amazing in the AFC as the final four teams squared off and the winners would advance to the AFC championship. The first game featured the Colts and the Chiefs. The Colts came into this matchup winning their last ten out of eleven games and wanted to make a name for themselves. Led by Andrew Luck who was playing at an MVP (most valuable player) level, Eric Ebron who is an emerging tight end, Marlon Mack who is an under- the- radar running back, and Darius Leonard who is arguably defensive rookie of the year the Colts had a good shot at winning this game. Micaiah Butts (11) said “As a Colts fan I like our chances because of how well both sides of the ball are playing  and we are a team that seems to thrive under pressure and doubt.” But the Chiefs wanted to make a story and end their playoff curse. Every year in the regular season the Chiefs thrive but when they reach the playoffs they fold. The Chiefs defense would be a major factor in this game because they ranked thirty first against the run and pass.

From the start of game you could feel a sense that the Chiefs wanted it more than the Colts. The Colts first few possessions were abysmal as the Chiefs defense surprisingly showed up. This was also a big test for Patrick Mahomes because, although he looks to be the Chiefs franchise quarterback he had never played in a playoff game. He responded well to the criticism and doubts and drove the Chiefs down field to score a touchdown on their first possession taking a 7-0 lead. The Colts then continued to struggle and a Chiefs touchdown and field goal gave them a 17-0 cushion. The Colts looked defeated after that you could see the looks on their players faces. Their offense surprisingly struggled against a bad Chiefs defense and the Colts defense had no answer for the Chiefs offense. The Chiefs went on to win 31-13 and would play the winner of the Chargers- Patriots match-up in the AFC championship at Arrowhead stadium.

The next match-up featured the Chargers and Patriots. A lot of people thought that this would be the year the Chargers get over the hump in the playoffs and make their first super bowl appearance. On paper the Chargers had the most talented roster in the playoffs and seemed poised for victory. But the Patriots were favorites in this game for a good reason. Out of all the quarterbacks in the playoffs they had never beat Tom Brady and the Patriots are undefeated at Gillette stadium. So you would think this screams trouble for the Chargers right? Most certainly, from the Patriots first drive you could already asses that the Patriots would probably win this game. Sony Michel ended up with 129 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns. The Chargers ended up playing catch up the whole game, scored some garbage points late but it nearly wasn’t enough as the Patriots won 41-28.

Fast forwarding to the AFC championship game this is must see TV. The Patriots and Chiefs will square off and the winner advances to the super bowl. These teams already have some familiarity with each other as the Patriots beat the Chiefs earlier in the regular season 43-40. But that was in Gillette stadium. Sen Lawson (11) said “My Chiefs got this even though the Patriots got us the first time this time it’s in our house and Arrowhead stadium is very tough to be played in.” He brings up a good point. All of the Patriots losses this season have been on the road and the Chiefs are almost unbeatable at home. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is also the league’s MVP throwing a whopping 50 touchdowns this year and after his first playoff game he doesn’t seem phased one bit. Ryan Figueroa (11) said “If our defense plays like how it did against the Chargers and we run the ball effectively we will beat Kansas City with ease.” This is also true the Patriots are more than capable of establishing the run game and if the Chiefs don’t shut it down like they did last week against the Colts they are in trouble. Both teams are evenly matched Kansas City has the better offense but New England has a way better defense. Stay tuned for this match-up!