Justin Rombough

Even before the 2018-19 College Basketball season kicked off, everyone knew Duke was going to put on a show. They signed the top 3 prospects from the class of 2018. While also adding the 17th ranked PG Tre Jones (Tyus Jones’ brother that’s probably better than him).

We’ll go in order from how they were ranked in high school:

  1. R.J Barrett. R.J is leading the Dukies in scoring with 23.9 points. He has been labeled as the number one pick as times, but on the other hand he has been crucified for taking too many shots in general and down the stretch. He is a very good player though; as he can finish in traffic with his underrated strength but also he can be silky smooth and hit jumpers off the dribble.
  2. Zion Williamson. He has been an internet sensation since he was 16. Just look at his measurable (6’7 285 lbs). Without prior knowledge of ever seeing him you may think that he is some fat guy that should be an offensive tackle instead of a basketball player. No. No. No. This man child has a 41 inch vertical and that 285 lbs I mentioned, yea, that’s all muscle. He is literally a freight train on the court. What’s amazing about Zion, other than his name, is that he doesn’t have to score to make an impact; as he has a ridiculous motor that allows him to clean up the glass and play relentless defense.
  3. Cameron Reddish. He is the forgotten one out of the three players. He is the best long range shooter of the three (34% from 3). He is a tall (6’9) guard/forward that if he was on another team would definitely be putting up bigger numbers.

All these players are great, but the glue that keeps this Duke team together is fellow Freshman PG Tre Jones. Even though Jones doesn’t score a lot (8.1p/g) he affects the game with his passing (5.7a/g) and his stellar defense (2.1s/g). According to Jay Bilas he is “the best defender in the country”. In Duke’s second loss of the season it was the game that Tre Jones injured his AC in his shoulder.

For the Duke Blue Devils to win the NCAA championship without Tre Jones they have to be smart and play as a team. R.J and Zion cannot score 70+ points per game. Maybe they will and then the NBA may reconsider their one-and-done rule b/c the Suns sure could use one them. Or Zion was just made in a lab somewhere. Either or.