Antonio Brown Wants Out Of Pittsburgh


Adam Worthy

There’s been a lot of turmoil surrounding wide receiver Antonio Brown and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Backtracking to week 17 (the last game of the regular season) the Steelers were 8-6-1 and needed to beat the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Cleveland Browns had to defeat the Baltimore Ravens for the Steelers to earn a playoff spot. During that week of practice Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger didn’t like the way Antonio Brown ran a route and wanted him to run it again. Antonio was frustrated that Ben wanted him to run the route all over again so Antonio threw the ball at Ben and stormed out of practice! The Steelers ended up missing the postseason for the first time since 2013 and the Antonio Brown and Steelers relationship began to unfold.

That same week preparing for the Bengals the Steelers had reportedly put Antonio Brown on the injury report with a knee injury. Antonio really wasn’t hurt and the only reason the Steelers put him on the report was so the fight between him and Ben at practice didn’t leak out to the media. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin told Antonio Brown to get an MRI on his knee but Antonio decided not to go get one. On game day Antonio’s agent Drew Rosenhaus reached out to Coach Tomlin and said Antonio is ready to play. Tomlin said “he can come to support his teammates but he cannot play.” Darrius Jackson (10) said “how are you not going to listen to your coach and get an MRI but come gametime when you have been ignoring the team expect to play? The Steelers should trade him this shows a lack of respect.” Antonio showed up to the game but left at halftime! This throws up red flags as Antonio seems to be more worried about himself rather than the team. He let his brothers down in a must win game and they aren’t forgetting this.

The current state of Antonio and the Steelers is Antonio wants out. Jon Damore (12) said “I don’t understand why Antonio wants out when this is the best team he will ever be on. He has a hall of fame quarterback throwing to him what more could he want.” This is a good point because Antonio wants to get out of an environment where he’s going to leave the best quarterback he’s ever had and best team he’s ever been on. Although he may want a fresh start you should always be careful for what you ask for. Antonio officially requested a trade last week and the Steelers will look to see what deals they can get for him. Antonio is reportedly unhappy with Ben Roethlisberger not taking accountability for his actions and also claims Ben Roethlisberger has an “owning mentality.” The Steelers are trying to get a first round pick out of Antonio in hopes of stacking up for this years upcoming NFL draft. Sean Dailey (12) said “I love Antonio Brown and what he’s done for the Steelers, but he has caused so much drama it’s time to move on.” This in fact is true and the Steelers might not be seeing a first round pick for him due to his drama and age. Antonio has been accused of reckless driving, threw furniture off his balcony and almost struck a toddler, insulted reporters on social media,he is 30 years old nearing the tail end of his prime, and has even yelled at his offensive coordinator and has thrown Gatorade coolers on the sideline. Antonio is a guy who seems to be all about himself and wants a fresh start. Stay tuned to see what happens in the Steel City!