2020 Fall Semester Recap


Christine Krenke

Junior year hasn’t exactly been all I imagined it to be. Google meets and Chandler Online Academy were definitely not part of my 2020, upperclassman vision. However, I’m still very appreciative of all the work CUSD has done to make our schools safe and clean for students. I was nervous to come back to Hamilton in-person at the beginning of October, but once I saw the new adjustments to the school (more spacing between desks, hand-sanitizer stations in each room, longer passing periods, and mandatory mask requirements) I became more comfortable learning again at Hamilton. Wearing a mask all the time was a bit strange at first, too, but now it feels like a second skin. 

Attending school from my bedroom all of  first quarter wasn’t the most engaging or fun experience, but I was still able to learn fine, and it was honestly way less stressful than in-person school. How I learn doesn’t always match up with how my teachers teach, so being able to teach myself the content on Chandler Online Academy and work at my own pace has worked out really well for me. So well, in fact, that I’ve enrolled myself in COA classes for next semester (though I’ll still be coming to Hamilton for Journalism and Physics). 

I wasn’t a huge fan of google meets with my Hamilton teachers. No one ever had their cameras on and there were always huge periods of awkward silence, especially in break-out rooms, where we were supposed to be chatting with our classmates. Sometimes my teachers and classmates would have bad wifi, too, and I wouldn’t be able to understand what they were saying. However, google classroom (the provided teaching site for Hamilton teachers) was easy to navigate, especially since I had experience with it last year in my Multimedia and Film class. 

This school year has been very crazy and unpredictable overall, but I’m happy I was able to get to try out online learning, despite the circumstances.