A Semester in Review

Allie Meyers

This semester at Hamilton has been wild. Many things have changed, such as masks and keeping your distance from others when possible. Some things remained the same, such as class structures and my classmates, but life still felt off. I met new people that became my friends, and I surprisingly learned a new thing or two. Each class presented its own challenges. Transitioning from video chats to actual discussions was weird, but not as weird as meeting the people I got used to seeing through a screen. Being able to talk real-time and hold a conversation was refreshing compared to the stillness of a screen as words were said but not registered. Classwork and homework became separated as we all migrated back into classrooms like herds of sheep ready to accept everything we are told at face value. 

Something critical that everyone can take away from this year is that information can be distorted to fit anyone’s reality. To truly thrive in this world a person has to challenge the source of their information, or else they are liable to repeat the same mistakes as those that have come before. As students we are told that we cannot do much to change society. Forget that. Our generation holds the power to create a world in which everyone can thrive no matter their past, present or future. It is up to us to demolish the aged views of our ancestors. We as a united cohort of people can bring about change in ways the past generations could only dream of. We can make the necessary ripples in present to create waves of change later in history.

I digress. This semester at school has been nothing more than a comment on the epic story that has been 2020. Make the change, make progress and be who you want to be. Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year everyone.