First Semester Reflection

Connie Escobar

The end of the first semester has arrived meaning that the school year is half way through. And I would be lying if I said I’m not nervous to see the end of high school. First semester was very long but short if that makes sense. The workload made it seem quite long but the days themselves felt shorter than last year’s. This semester consisted of so many milestones such as the seniors having to take the ACT that was postponed from their junior year last year due to the pandemic. 

As well as beginning the school year online instead of in person in the start of July. It has been a jam packed semester with teachers feeling overwhelmed with the possible changes that may occur at any second as well as students being afraid of being quarantined for two weeks. Not to mention the delay of mostly every sport and the social distancing that is occurring in every school in the nation. It is easy to say that this year as well as semester will be a memorable one for freshman and seniors alike. This semester has been a blur with everything occurring so fast and sudden it is hard to believe that the first half of the school year has been completed. 

Most of the memorable events that happened during this semester have to be everything that was brought upon us from covid. Such as the capacity at games, canceled games, cases, and canceled events. In fact, not having a homecoming was a huge one due to the idea that many underclassmen look forward to their dance. Not having a homecoming also makes seniors and juniors think about what that may mean for their prom. 

It will most definitely be tough to top the first semester, the student body is hoping to stay in school due to the seniors wanting their end of the year activities such as prom,the infamous paper drop, senior spirit week, and most importantly graduation.