Semester Reflection

Ava Vaita

It’s been a long, stressful semester filled with pandemics and homework assignments. Over the semester we’ve all gotten a chance to grow into a functioning society during COVID-19. School was virtual for the first quarter and we’ve been facing threats to go back to virtual ever since we came back to school. Kids have had to learn how to work with doing most of their work on electronics and they’ve had to go to school in masks while maintaining multiple other pandemic precautions.

Teachers protesting, sports teams being quarantined, school districts shutting down, this semester has been a disaster. Kids have been driven into depression from all of their assignments which drastically increased during online school, while also being stuck in their houses with their families. Parents, trying to keep their jobs while also trying to find a way to maintain their child’s education and take care of their families. There’s been riots and protests, debates and disagreements, bombings and shootings. Personally, my grades were terrible. My home life was terrible and I hated every second of school but I would rather be miserable at school than at my house. I believe that is how most students felt over this dreadful pandemic. I think it’s safe to say that this semester and the things that occurred over the semester sucked.