Disney Cranks out New Movies for the Summer


Christine Krenke

This summer, Disney is releasing several new movies in theaters and on Disney+. Among the large batch are the highly anticipated “Black Widow”,  “Cruella”, and “Luca”, along with the less-anticipated but still entertaining “Summer of Soul”, “Jungle Cruise”, “Free Guy”, “The Night House”, and “The Beatles: Get Back”. Some movies are set to premiere in both theaters and Disney+ (such as “Black Widow” and “Cruella”), whereas others will be solely on Disney+ (such as “Luca”). All movies set to release on Disney+ will only be available as Premiere Access Titles and will require users to pay $30 to be granted access to watch.

“I’m most excited to see Black Widow,” Alyssa Morales, a junior at Hamilton High School told the Husky Paw Print. “Cruella’s style looks fabulous, and I I find it really interesting when Disney makes villain point of view movies.” 

Lindsay Dussault, another junior at Hamilton, was also looking forward to Disney’s upcoming array of films. 

“I really want to see Luca because it looks like a fun and original concept, plus I think it will be a good watch,” Dussault explained. “However, I don’t think Cruella will be very good since the last few Disney live action remakes released haven’t been that great.” 

If you’re interested in seeing any of these films, all will all be premiering from May to August, with “Cruella” hitting theaters in May, “Luca” arriving in June, “Summer of the Soul” and “Black Widow” taking the screen in July, and “Free Guy”, “The Night House”, and “The Beatles: Get Back” appearing in August.