Thanksgiving Tastes


Divya Potta

Trinity Tally, a student at Hamilton High school, shares her experiences over Thanksgiving Break of 2021. 

Thanksgiving this year lies on Nov.25, 2021. During this fall holiday, families and friends come together to celebrate and show gratitude for one another as well as the many other treasures in life. It is a joyous time where usually a feast and fun games are involved. The day after Thanksgiving is also more commonly known as Black Friday. Since many items are on sale and new deals are offered, people go shopping and take this time to spread some holiday cheer. Many individuals celebrate these fall holidays by taking part in various traditions and customs. Let’s check out what Tally, a sophomore at Hamilton High School, likes to do over Thanksgiving Break!

When asked to describe her break in three words, Tally says, “giving, fun and relaxing.” As she enjoys hanging out with family and friends as well as reflecting on what she is thankful for. Traditionally, her family has turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner. Personally, her favorite Thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes. Tally explains that she is grateful for her family, home and friends because they help her get through the day. She loves Thanksgiving break because it allows her to spend quality time with the important people in her life and rest from the overwhelming school work load. This year she did not get any gifts or take part in Black Friday as for her it seems busy and chaotic.