Precautions for COVID-19

Lulu Wilkinson

COVID-19 Is a disease that was caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus. COVID symptoms are shortness of breath, loss of taste, body chills, heating up, feeling light headed, body aches, Headache, and a sore throat.

 COVID is a really dangerous sickness, many people are different and have other health problems that will put them at more of a risk than others. 

Nowadays everyone should wear masks to protect themselves and others. Always wash your hands after interacting with others and after hand contact. COVID Is very easy to spread, It can spread through, speaking, breathing, sneezing, and even breathing out of your nose. 

To prevent your children and even yourself from COVID always disinfect your home, your door handles, always bring a mask to large crowds, always bring hand sanitizer, and be cautious around sick people. 

Many people all around the world have died from this virus, that’s why the CDC and others are trying to advertise cautions of COVID and how to decrease the death rate. Using these cautions can prevent you and your family from getting infected and causing less death In the world.