“Outer Banks” Season Three Review


Solenn Vincent

Two years after the second season, the highly-anticipated season three of “Outer Banks” has dropped on Netflix.  The series follows a group of teenagers called “Pogues” who are searching for a lost treasure. Leaving off the cliffhanger of season two, the group is stranded on an island they call “Poguelandia.” Once rescued, they resume their search for the treasure, fighting to find it before their rivals do. 

While I lost interest in the series after the second season, due to it not holding the same summer-charm of the first, the third has potential. The Pogues are all reunited, with hints at possible couples among them all. Sarah Cameron and John B’s relationship is still rocky, which is infuriating. Cleo and Pope feel much too forced, but I like the addition of a new Pogue. The fan-favorite couple Kiara and JJ are hinted to get together. I like the continued mystery element of the show and the lore the filmmakers have established from the real Outer Banks’ own Blackbeard-the-pirate history. 

I did not like how casually John B and his missing father were reunited. There was so much buildup for the scene to be shown in the trailer, and little emotion from either party. After being presumed dead and missing for years, the reunion was not worth it. I did like how the bell-tower rhythm brought the two together, however. It was a sweet nod to their relationship before the disappearance. 

Season four has been confirmed, but it will likely be another few years until its release. I will continue watching the show because it is entertaining, but extremely unrealistic.