Weekly Forecast; Freezing Temps in Texas

Aniylah Rushing

Cloudy conditions will continue all throughout this week. Winds gusts up to 5 to 10 mph. Today’s temperature range is from 62 degrees to 43 degrees Fahrenheit. Rain is also expected throughout the whole week.


Monday, Feb. 13


High  Temperature: 62 degrees Fahrenheit 


Low Temperature: 43 degrees Fahrenheit 


Humidity: 50 percent 


Wind Speed: 9 mph 


Forecast: Cloudy 


Chance Of Rain: 24 percent 


Tuesday, Feb. 14


High  Temperature: 67 degrees Fahrenheit 


Low Temperature: 39 degrees Fahrenheit 


Humidity: 45 percent 


Wind Speed: 21 mph 


Forecast: Cloudy


Chance Of Rain: 22 percent 


Wednesday, Feb. 15


High  Temperature: 57 degrees Fahrenheit 


Low Temperature: 34 degrees Fahrenheit 


Humidity: 21 percent 


Wind Speed: 14 mph 


Forecast: Sunny 


Chance Of Rain: 0 percent 


Thursday, Feb. 16


High  Temperature: 61 degrees Fahrenheit 


Low Temperature: 37 degrees Fahrenheit 


Humidity: 26 percent 


Wind Speed: 7 mph 


Forecast: Sunny 


Chance Of Rain: 2 percent 


Friday, Feb. 17


High Temperature: 66 degrees Fahrenheit 


Low Temperature: 45 degrees Fahrenheit 


Humidity: 22 percent 


Wind Speed: 10 mph 


Forecast: Sunny 


Chance Of Rain: 1 percent 


Some people think it is already spring in Texas, But some of the state’s most populated regions are still reeling from last week’s freezing temperatures.  Texas could be in the dark for several more days as crews work to restore the power in regions that have experienced outages. For example, freezing weather in the state that lasted for several days last week. Over 340,000 customers were without power in Texas on Friday due to the massive ice storm. Nevertheless, more than 340,000 customers remained without power.